Mitra Pishvazadeh

Name : Mitra Pishvazadeh
Education :




Mitra Pishvazadeh
  Born in Tehran, Iran

 M.A. in Research of  Art. University of Art & Architecture, Tehran
B.A. in Painting . University of Art & Architecture, Tehran   

Professional Courses at Iranian Academy of Art

• Semiotics of  Art
• Semiotics-Semantics of  discussion Art
• Formative criticism of Art
• Introduction of Contemporary Arts 
• Post Modernism in Art
• Analysis & Criticism of Visual Arts

 Professional Courses at Association of Iranian painters

• Philosophy of Art
• Post Modernism in Art
•  Analysis & Criticism of  Visual Arts

• Analysis & Criticism of  Contemporary Photography

• History of Iranian Painting



• Member of Association of Iranian Pinter

• Member of Visual Art Center
• Member of Institute of Iranian Philosophy & theosophy  I

Professional qualifications

• Member in Jury of Congress “Reflection on Philosophy “. By Philosophical Society at Alzahra University.
•  Judgment articles of Art and philosophy 


• History of World  Art
• History of painting
• Analysis & Criticism of visual Arts
• Principle of visual arts
• Islamic of Art and Civilization
• Shape of objects in  Islamic civilization

In: Painting, Graphic & Industrial Design majors

At: University of Art & Architecture. University of Science & Civilization, Alzahra University

• Lecturer in children painting

 Research qualifications
• Translation & Authorship of Articles of  Artistically
• Speech & presentation of articles in congresses

• Comparative Study and intertexture criticism of khajoo-e-kermani’s illustrated poem collection by Joneid (Iranian Painter) and khajoo’s poem collection, International Congress of Tabriz Tradition, June 2008, by Tabriz University of Art, Tabriz, Iran.( Speech at Tabriz university of art ).
• Analysis and criticism of  the painting named Ghaar-e-Thor (Thor Cave) painted by Majid Mehregan (Iranian Painter), Congress of prophet Mohhammad’s manifestation in art, June. 2008, by  Shiraz University,  Shiraz, Iran. (Speech at Shiraz University).

• Comparative study and intertextual criticism of the work named “ Baargaah-e-Qioumars”, painted by Soltan Mohammad (Iranian Painter) and the poem of “Shahnameh” named “Qioumars” by Ferdosi ,(Iranian Poet), Iranian Spring Congress, May. 2008, by Museum of Contemporary art , Iranian Academy of Arts, and Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran (speech at museum of contemporary art ).

• Comparative study of Myths in Molana-Rumi- works with special emphasize on myth of Siavash in Shahnameh Ferdosi, International celebration congress of Molana, Oct.2007 by Society of Persian language & literature, Institute of Iranian Philosophy and Iranian Academy of Art. Tehran, Iran, (speech at congress of center ) .

• Aesthetics of color in the Illustrated Merajnameh (Ascension letters), Congress of Prophet Mohammad’s beauty manifestation in Art. 2006, by the Tabriz University of Art, Tabriz, Iran.
• Analysis and criticism of Mansoureh Hoseini’s paintings, Iranian contemporary painter, by approach of semiotics discussion, 2004, Conference of Art Semiotics, by the Iranian Academy of Art, (Speech at University of Art, 2004).


• Translation of Characteristic of Japanese art, by Yashiro Yoki, 2006.

• Translation, Authorship & Analysis of Anselm kiefer’s Works of Art, Germany’s contemporary painter. 2004, Publication of Association of Iranian painters, and on the - Iranian Artists’ site, New Myths.
• Translation, Authorship & Analysis of Jolian Schnabel’s Works of Art, American’s contemporary painter. 2004, publication of Association of Iranian painters, and on the Iranian Artist site, New Myths.
• Translation & Authorship of Rapallo Sanzio’s biography, Italian painter in 16th, and Visual Analysis of Form & Color of the his wall painting named “Athens School” 2006.
For production Educational program: “Shadows of Belief “by channel 4, Islamic Republic of Iran TV.
• Translation & Authorship of Yan Vrmyr’s biography, Holland painter in 17th, and  Visual Analysis of  Form & Color  of  the his work  named  “ The Painter’s Atelier ” ,  2006. For production Educational program: “Shadows of Belief “, by channel 4, Islamic Republic of Iran TV.
• Authorship of Soltan Mohammad’s biography, Iranian Painter in 16th, and Visual Analysis of Form & color of the his work, named “Me’raj”. 2006, For production Educational program: “ Shadows of  Belief “ , by channel 4 , Islamic Republic of Iran TV

• Authorship an Article of postmodernism, 2009, publication of Science and Culture University.


• Criticism of Painting Exhibition’s Minoo Assadi, Iranian contemporary painter, 2006, Bulletin’s Association of Iranian painter, and on the Tandis website, and Shargh Newspaper.

• Criticism of Painting Exhibition’s Niloufar Ghadery Nezhad, Iranian contemporary painter, 2006. Bulletin’s Association of Iranian painter


• Comparative study and Analysis of form and color of Illustrated Baysonghory’s Shahnameh, 2008, International congress of writing‘s Shahnameh, The Iranian Academy of Arts.

• Study of Reaza Abasi’s Paintings, approaching to semiotics characteristics. 2006, Iranian Academy of Arts.

• Comparative study about existing nature’s elements in poems of contemporary poets. International congress of Nature in the eastern art, 2005.The Iranian Academy of Arts.
• Intertexttuality in Isfahan’s Art in Safavid Age, with emphasize on comparative study to contemporary art, 2006, The Iranian Academy of Art.

Summary Essays:
• Criticism of “Language and Painting”, from the book of “Theory and Art” by Wittgenstein, Art and Literature Conference, Alzahra University and Iranian Academy of Arts.
•  Identify of Special Symbols in painting and Cinema, 2007. Art and Literature Congress, Alzahra University and Iranian Academy of Art.
• Comparative study of “Daghoghi story” by Molana-e-Rumi and “Bahram & Haft Gonbad”  by Nezami-e-Ganjavi (Iranian Poet), 2007, celebration Congress of Molana, by  Iranian Society of Persian language & Literature , Iranian Institute of Philosophy , Iranian Academy of Arts.

• Study on Mehr ritual Mythology, (Mithraism) Mitra’s Myth in Art, 2007, Comparative Art Conference. Iranian Academy of Art.

• Recreating of Iranian Myths in Masoud Arabshahi’s Paintings, 2007. Comparative Art Conference, Iranian Academy of Arts.

• Study of Water lily in Eastern art & myths. 2005. Comparative art congress, Iranian Academy of Art


Collected Exhibitions:

• The Exhibition of painting , France, Paris, Cite international des arts. February 2010.

• The 7th National Biennial of Iranian Contemporary  painting, February 2007, Museum of Contemporary arts,  Saba Art & Cultural Center, Tehran.

• The Exhibition of Paintings and Sculptures, November 2007, Sadabad Cultural Historic Complex, Tehran.

• The First Scientific Seminar  & Exhibition of Iranian Poetry and visual Arts, Named “Iranian Spring”, May 2007, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran.

• Beijing International  Art Expo , 2006 , Beijing , China

• The 4th international Painting Biennial of   the Islamic World, November 2006, Saba Art and Cultural Center, Tehran.

• Collective Exhibition of Painting, Sculpture and Video art, by Association of Iranian painters, May 2006, Museum of Contemporary Art, Isfahan.

• International Exhibition of World Peace, April 2006, Niavaran cultural centre, Tehran.

• International Visual Arts of   Resistance, November 2006, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Tehran.

• Exhibition of Painting “Prophetess’s Art”, International Conference Prophet Mohammadian Art  , December 2006 , Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Arts & Isfahan  University of Art, Isfahan.

• Exhibition of Painting “Prophet Mohammad’s beauty manifestation in Art”, Prophetic Art Congress, 2006, Tabriz University of Art, Tabriz.

• Exhibition of Abstract Painting, by association of Iranian painter, October 2006, Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran.
• Exhibition of Water color painting, by Association of Iranian Painters, April 2oo6, Banafsheh Gallery, Tehran.

• Exhibition of International Congress of Nature in Oriental Art, December 2005, Saba Art and Cultural Center, Tehran.

• Exhibition of Contemporary Women Artists, July 2005, Bahman Cultural Centre, Tehran.

• The Grope Exhibition of Association of Iranian Painters Artists, April 2005, Laleh Gallery, Tehran.

• Exhibition of   Association of Iranian Painters, February 2005, Artists Club, Tehran.

•  The 3rd, International Biennial of the Islamic World Contemporary Painting, December 2004, Saba Art and Cultural Center, Tehran.

• Exhibition of Association of Iranian Painters, November 2004, Artists Club, Tehran.
• The Group Exhibition of Painting and Drawing, 2003, Tehran, Aria  Gallery

•  The 2nd, International Biennial of the Islamic World Contemporary Painting, 2002, Saba Art and Cultural Center, Tehran.

• The Group Exhibition of new experience, By Association of Iranian painters, December 2001, The Iranian Artists Club.

• The Exhibition of New Art, 2001, Club Artists, Tehran.

• The Exhibition of New Art, 2001, Bahman Cultural Center, Tehran .

• The Group Exhibition of Lecturer’s University of Science & Culture .2000, Dorsa Gallery, Tehran.

• 1st International Exhibition of contemporary Drawing, 1997, Barg Gallery, Tehran.

• The Group Exhibition Painting of Azad University, 1996, Tehran, Aria Gallery.

• Exhibition of Iranian Women’s Paintings of manifestation’s feeling, 1995, Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran.

• The Group Exhibition of Painting, 100 Works – 100 Artists, 1995, Golestan Gallery, Tehran.

• And others various exhibitions at Tehran Gallery, Tehran International Exhibition, Azadi Museum, Soureh Gallery.

Iran: 0098 – 9123367456
 Malaysia: 0060-178826965

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